Take Care of Your Feet

Take Care of Your Feet

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Trainers should have a good solid background, but you can always pick up various tips and tricks. They come from what you read, hear in the wind, other colleagues and clients. There is so much to know and while I focus on exercise and nutrition, I recently have gotten into the benefits of massage. Most of you no doubt have enjoyed a great Swedish, Thai, Lymphatic, Prenatal, Sports, Soft Tissue, or Shiatsu one. What people don’t focus on much are the feet. They get a pounding all day and good shoes are a must. Athletes know about good fit. It helps them take a healthy stride. They also know about foot massage, aromatherapy, special lotions and exfoliating agents. It is an entire field dedicated to keeping sports and exercise routines going strong.

The same benefits of body massage apply to the feet: relief of soreness, tension, aching, and pinched nerves. You can use any style massage on one area of the body and vary the degree of pressure, stroke, and friction. I love it when the masseuse applies a stimulating cream after the basic technique has been done. Try lavender or peppermint if you want a thrill. I like a citrus or rose hips bath before the massage as well. Those who get pedicures know that exfoliation of dry and dead skin should be a regular treatment. Hot paraffin wax dips are available upon request. You place your feet into a receptacle filled with melted wax and when you remove them, they are coated with a heavenly layer of wax. When it is removed, the skin is soft and smooth as glass. Oils are dissolved in the wax for best effect.

On my own, I have some small foot massaging gadgets. There is a small wood cylinder over while you can roll your tired feet. There are also gel inserts for shoes that come with self-massaging spikes. It is no longer about an old-fashioned foot rub by your hubby or wife. All kinds of products make the experience divine, but here’s a few of my favorite ones: https://www.highermassage.com/products-enhance-foot-massage/. No matter whether you are experiencing kneading, pressure, or the application of warm or cold lotions, the element of touch is what makes a foot massage so pleasing. A professional masseuse or pedicurist knows just what to do and for how long. I suggest at least a half an hour to be tension-relieving. The toes, under arch, heel and pad of the foot are all targets. For me, the harder the better or it isn’t palliative.

Foot powders can also be used for damp and itchy feet after a massage or pedicure. There are well-known brands for athlete’s foot, but I am talking here about simple, scented products. They work best if you wear shoes (with socks preferably). Bare feet, by the way, are going to need a lot more help. Every aspect of foot care restores vitality and energy to the body. This is why I make it a regular routine now.