What’s in the Air You’re Breathing?

If you are going to be into fitness, you might as well go all the way. It is not just about diet, exercise, and getting enough sleep. This is certainly vital. It is also about the air pollution that affects our health. It is a surefire way to ruin all the progress we have made. If you are indoors a great deal of the time, and perhaps work in an office with smokers, you are facing a losing battle with second-hand smoke. It steals your life over a long period of time, so get wise and get out. I have words for you, and a helpful plan.

People with asthma and allergies already worry about pollutants and allergens in the air and they take immediate action. They are on the right tract early on. Now it is time to take the smokers head on and kick them out. Stop suffering. I have heard many clients complain that despite the general ban on smoking, many companies still allow it at your desk. They feel that there is a significant reduction in productivity if smokers have to take the elevator down and leave the building. Time slips away. They get to talking to other indulgers and all of a sudden, out comes a second cigarette. No break means bad luck for the rest of us.

Sure, you can change jobs but it is not fair. I know, life isn’t fair, but you have rights. I suggest you get a group of employees together and lobby the boss. Circulate a petition perhaps and get more than 80% of signatures for maximum impact. It could work if you have everyone rally around you.

If you cannot go this route, I have another solution. You can do what I have done at home. I bought a fine air purifier with a HEPA filter. I am told this is the best kind as they do not give off dangerous amounts of ozone. While they are not as energy efficient as other units, they make up for it in the quality of the air that goes through the system. You can install it as a part of your central AC or in the form of a standalone one-room device. If has made a huge difference for me at home. I work with health nuts so it isn’t a problem at work. Thank goodness.

We are what we eat. Are we also the air we breathe? It isn’t a stupid question. I venture to guess that it makes a difference to control your environment for obvious reasons. It doesn’t take up much room or cost very much to change the air quality around you. Keep it on all day and night or just when you wish. I wonder why I waited so long for me to tell you all about it. This should be one of my most positive blogs.