Housecleaning Burns Calories!

Housecleaning Burns Calories!

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Hey, fitness buffs! Welcome to my blog. I have a surprise for you. Perhaps you did not know that you can burn calories just by vacuuming the house. If you do the dishes and dust, maybe tackle the bathroom and clean out the garage or attic, you can burn even more. What a way to keep in shape and lose pounds. It makes me laugh, too. I wanted to do a study of different activities to compare what they can do for you. It would be a new kind of calorie burn calculator that you could request to be sent to you via my online magazine. We all have the sports and recreational activities version, but not one that includes household chores like cleaning the gutters and raking the leaves.

Remember that just by living for a day you burn calories. Sleeping will use up a couple hundred, too. Add a few tasks and the number goes up and up. When cooking for a half an hour, you can use up 93 calories on average. If you garden, the figure is higher at 167. Washing the car burns 168. Playing a sport will amp up the results to 300 or more. High impact aerobics is toward the top of the list just under basketball, racquetball, swimming and football. Dancing, walking, and yoga come a bit lower. Choose what you like as long as it adds to your total number for the day.

There is a general rule of thumb about weight loss and calories. To lose just one pound, it takes burning 3,500 calories. That is a lot! You start by determining your daily requirement for weight maintenance (usually 2,500), and estimate what you are consuming. If the numbers don’t tally, you clearly need to eat less or exercise more. Don’t forget that men and women burn calories in different ways so it pays to know your own basal metabolic rate. It will reflect your age, sex, and body composition.

Of course, I am all about the exercise. Diet is important, but you need to balance the two. If time is short, remember what I said above about housework. You can shove that vacuum around your carpet and generate some sweat. The heavier the machine, the more calories burned. Often it’s a battle of Bissell vs Hoover. It is an odd way to select a vacuum, but I recommend it. If you follow my advice, I will consider you a true fitness fanatic where every little thing you do counts. If you wear the gadget that totals the steps you take, or check in on Facebook at the gym a lot, you are the perfect candidate. With rampant obesity on the rise, we should all take heed of any tactic that works in dropping weight.

Those who prefer a gym workout are okay with me. There is nothing as satisfying as cross or circuit training followed by a session in the sauna or whirlpool. You can get aching muscles for sure, but you can by vacuuming, too.