Hit the Ground Running

Hit the Ground Running

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Blogs should be helpful, not preachy. I pride myself on offering information on health with a focus on personal fitness routines, proper techniques, and the use of various equipment for different types of workouts. If you are a newbie or a fitness buff, I hope you will find my advice of use. My goal is to get everyone off the couch and feeling in tip-top shape. Today I want to talk about how exercise can improve your energy level and help you sleep better. I got the idea after seeing a blog post on Be Right Light about it. After all, getting rest is the key to productivity and results.

Exercise is a vast category. It includes sports of all types, circuit training at the gym, jogging or fast walking, and even dancing. I have a friend who tap dances and swears by it to lose weight and tone up. There is a song that goes:

Brush, brush, brush ball change

Moving to the right

Brush, brush, brush ball change

You can do it day or night

Whenever you feel like napping

Get up and start in tapping

Better than any diet

C’mon, get up and try it

After you stop laughing, consider the truth of these words. Find a dance class easily at the community center or a local college and broaden your horizons. I hear people complain all the time that they are tired of their workout routine and adjusting all the machines at the gym to get just the right weight. Trainers are there to help, but if you are really souring on your regimen, add a bit of cardio to it in the form of dancing. Tap is for any age or body type. People do it in their nineties! If you didn’t start as a child, as most people do, it is never too late. I hear that an evening dance class—even ballroom or salsa—will tire you out enough to help you fall asleep quickly. You will enjoy a deeper sleep if your muscles have been active.

Nutrition is also important. Eating well makes you healthier and sets your body rhythms in proper motion. Socializing is recommended for those with insomnia. Having friends and going on outings breaks the monotony of life. Together with exercise, all these factors influence one’s ability to sleep enough hours to feel refreshed. What works against you is watching too much TV late at night, talking on your cell phone, or reading texts and emails. It is vital to turn off the lights well before bedtime and get that mobile device out of sight. Don’t rev yourself up before you try to nod off by thinking about everything you did that day or want to do tomorrow.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is fatigue from lack of sleep. You won’t have enough energy if you don’t have a regular pattern. Go to bed at roughly the same time every night and you will notice the difference. Use a comfortable pillow and a blanket to keep warm. If you are cold, you are likely to stay awake.