How Fitness and I Became Friends

How Fitness and I Became Friends

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My clients often want to hear why I got into fitness training. I really think that being honest with clients can really establish a good relationship, although I sort of wish I had a better story! Maybe one like Jillian Michaels, something inspiring. But really, I have my family to thank for my love of physical activity and my profession as well.

To put it kindly, my parents were just big fans of physical activity. My dad is a high school basketball coach and my mom ran track all through school. We were that family always outdoors on the weekends—biking together, on the trails, swimming. The fitness bug caught on with all three children as well. My older brother took after my dad, got a basketball scholarship for college, and is now a semi-pro coach. My baby sister is still in college and thinking of going into sports medicine. I think she will make an excellent physical therapist one day

Then there’s me. I started ballet when I was five and fell in love. I branched out into other styles and danced right up through my senior year. It was a great way to stay in shape, express myself, and make friends. It even paid off financially for me. I had a part-time job all through high school at the dance studio,helping instructors with the younger girls. I really thought I had found my calling in life. When I headed off to college—studying dance, naturally—I struggled a bit with the new level of competition. Some of these girls were like tiny angels who glided on their feet. I felt huge and awkward next to them. I started avoiding some of my classes. My advisor recommended that I do some light weight training to get stronger and build more lean muscle over the winter break of my freshman year. Eager to do something unrelated to dance, I joined a gym the day after classes ended.

When I walked in, the only way to describe it is that it felt like home. Everyone was so warm and friendly! I was matched up with a wonderful personal trainer. He answered every one of my questions and developed a routine that would help improve my flexibility and develop lean muscle. He found exercises that I could do back in my dorm room with little equipment or space. I went back in the spring feeling better about myself and my abilities but my heart was no longer in dance. I switched my major to physical education and vowed to become a great personal trainer. I haven’t looked back since!

How about you? How did you become friends with fitness?